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Hello my name is Bob, I’m a mature wedding photographer, the type of photographer that has all the patience in the world. I am based in Maidstone, I used to be a Sports Photographer back in the 80s working for the media, But when the 90s came I changed over to a more fun side WEDDINGS,
I am Happy and  privileged to work with my Wife, she is my Eyes and Ears, for any out of Shot Photos that I don't see,
We like to think ourselves as Invisible to your Guests and Loved ones, you only see us when Nan wants a photo of her and
the Bride, or Mum and Dad when they would like a group shot,
Because weddings are so expensive for the younger generation, We like to stick to one price only, This way the future
couple can budget there wedding on other more important matters,
Our price is £450, This could be an all day event, from the bride getting ready, right up to the 1st dance, £450
or it could be a 2 hour reception still £450.

Wedding Prices  £450  with this you get a USB stick, that can be downloaded at any photographic shop
This price is for Kent only.
We also photograph, Families, Family Pets, Sporting Events, Christenings, Engagements.

Thanks For Viewing.

Thanks For Viewing.


  • Maidstone, United Kingdom


Bob Sargeant